Overkill 2 - info for betatesters

UPDATE, build no. 4 (7th February 2013)

Bug connected to harder difficulty fixed.
New stun grenade effect.

UPDATE, build no. 3 (5th February 2013)


* new map (rank 10 required), Survival game mode (rank 5 required)
* iPod 4 and iPhone 4 optimization
* difficulty changed/optimized
* blackmarket gun & items available
* new grenadier soldiers
* lots of bugs fixed

The best channel for feedback is e-mail. Also feel free to take the discussion to TouchArcade forum to our thread: http://forums.toucharcade.com/showthread.php?t=173392

Can you please login with your game center accounts, if you can? (It will say ***sandbox***, because the game is not live, but we will see it on our end).
Overkill 2 does not currently work very well on iPod Touch 4/iPhone 4, we are looking into it.

As we see more and more info, there are additional things we would like to know:
1. Which wave do you feel is too hard/easy? Did you get stuck?
2. Do you use character upgrades and/or consumables? (medkit, grenades)
3. Do you collect in-game support boxes?

Hi betatesters!

Thank you all for wanting to betatest Overkill 2!

You can post your feedback here, directly from your device, or you can send it via e-mail if you prefer typing on a computer keyboard.
Another benefit of this forum is that all betatesters can see/comment on your feedback (and you will see theirs), which could spawn a rich and interesting discussion.

Please be honest and truthful with your comments and feedback. However, if you say "this game sucks" that's not going to help us much. And even though we will be delighted to read that "Overkill 2 rocks." that's not going to help us much, either.

Be specific with your feedback. Things to consider:

  • gameplay - pros & cons
  • difficulty - too hard/too easy
  • Game Icon - catchy? good/bad?
  • leveling/money making - too much/too little
  • game menu - easy to follow/chaotic/unintuitive, etc.
  • Waves - too long/too short
  • Weapons - really anything that comes to mind :)
  • Graphics, controls, music, sounds, character upgrades, ...

Anyway, these are just some inspirational points, if you have anything else to say or comment on, please do so.

We are looking forward to your input!
Your Craneballs

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