How to get missing Overkill Medals on Android

From time to time, purchases on Android are not credited properly in Overkill. We know about this issue, we've double checked everything, but it still keeps happening :(

If you have not received your Medals in 24 hours after you've made the purchase, the best way to get them is to contact us through the contact form at: t

To speed up the process as much as possible, please provide us with the following information:

  • Number of medals you bought and didn't get.
  • The e-mail you use for your Google account. (it is enough to fill it in the e-mail box when writing us).
    We need this e-mail to check your order with Google.

  • The IMEI/MEID number of your device.
    We need this to look up your phone/tablet in our database and check/add the missing Medals.
    You can find the IMEI/MEID number by going to: Menu > Settings > About Phone > Status.

We recommend to use the contact form and not this public forum because the information we need from you are quite sensitive and you should not make them public.

Thank you for your understanding and we are looking forward to helping you get the medals you deserve.


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