Overkill 2 v 1.0.1 - known issues (iOS)

Hundreds of thousands people have downloaded Overkill 2. Craneballs are incredibly excited and happy to see Overkill 2 is this popular! This is connected with incredible feedback we've been getting and for which we are grateful!

We are trying to answer each and every one of you, but being a small indie studio this can get incredibly difficult from time to time. Please understand we are not super-humans... though that'd be cool!

We want everyone to have the best gaming experience, and we will be addressing every problem that we come across, but this takes time. Here are the most common issues and how to solve them:

Q: I can't  see MY PROFILE button in the main menu, there are no weapons in the Black Market and I can't make any purchases.

A: Your device is jailbroken. Due to high piracy rates and people cheating their way into leaderboards we currently don't support these as it is not cool. Especially for other players who play the game the way it was meant to be.

We know that not everyone with a jailbroken device is a pirate. When and if we can find a more elegant solution to this problem, we will use it. The easiest solution for now is to restore your device.

Q: Where do I get the promo codes?

A: There was a first weekend promotion with appoday with the promo code for the Golden AK47.

Also people who registered at overkill2.com before the game was released got MP-40 for free. If you registered and did not get the code, send the e-mail you used for the registration to daniel@craneballs.com. The free MP-40 is ONLY for people who registered before the game was released.

If you missed the promotions, don't despair! Follow us on Facebook or Twitter, as there will be more promotions and contests for promo codes in the future!

Q: I cannot synchronize my game with my online profile.

A: Unfortunately there were few error in our database where your e-mails are stored. The easiest way to get your game synced as of now is to login in the game with facebook and then login on the web using facebook as well. We are working to have the e-mail login fixed.

Q: Can I login to someone else's device and play under my own nickname?

A: Not at this moment. We might be adding this feature in the future. That's why you cannot log out once logged in Overkill 2.

Q: Overkill 2 keeps crashing after I've downloaded a gun from Black Market.

A: The 1.0.1 patch solved a lot of these problems. The Black Market guns might still cause issues, when the download gets interrupted or otherwise flawed. If you still experience crashing, the easiest way is to continue your game from server save. You can get the pop up to appear by playing on another device where you are logged in. Alternatively you can try playing offline for a while, then quit Overkill 2, turn your internet connection back online and start the game. This should bring up the local/server side pop up. If all else fails, send e-mail to daniel@craneballs.com

Q: How can I complete the Like Us mission?

A: In the Medals Store there is a Like Us button. Use it to complete the mission. If you don't want to use Facebook and like our page, simply ignore the mission and it will go away after a while.

Q: How can I complete the 4th Daily bonus mission?

A: Daily bonus is not working in the 1.0.1 version of Overkill 2, we will fix it in the next update! There will be special support boxes that will give you your daily bonus when shot.

Q: How can I complete the Supporter mission?

A: It's very simple. You need to use the support items 4 times in total without visiting shop. For example, you can equip two grenades and two medkits and use them in one wave. Alternatively, you can use only as many items as needed, then use the Back to Action button in the aftermatch screen (you will go straight back to action = without visiting the shop), which will complete the mission eventually.

Q: What are realtime missions and where are they coming?

A: Realtime missions will come up randomly for a limited time. If you join them and take your part, you will be rewarded relatively to your contribution. The more you play and contribute, the bigger your share in the total reward.


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Visit http://www.overkill2.boards.net/

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